Anvils’ ‘Lips’ reaction to Party Cannon

Scottish Party Slammers, PARTY CANNON recently finished recording their share of the forthcoming  “Cannons of Gore Soaked, Blood Drenched, Parasitic Sickness”; a split album which also includes Parasitic Ejaculation, Gorevent, and Bloodscribe.

While visiting Soundlodge Studios, Anvil’s Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow got an unexpected sneak peak. Thanks to Jörg Uken for capturing the moment.

Featuring album art by Armaada Art (Abominable Putridity, Acranius, Atoll), “Cannons of Gore…” offers 12 new tracks of headbanging, fist-throwing, circle pitting, heaviness. It’s bound to become one of your favorite releases of 2019.

1. Parasitic Ejaculation – Pooling Wretched Stagnation
2. Parasitic Ejaculation – Amalgamating Beings of Deformity
3. Parasitic Ejaculation – Grande Coffee with a Smegma Toast
4. Party Cannon – Tactical Chunder
5. Party Cannon – Naked Beach Frenzy
6. Party Cannon – Electric Soldier Porygon
7. Gorevent – BxTxS
8. Gorevent – Time of Explosion
9. Gorevent – Meat Bullet Yamato
10. Bloodscribe – Indoctrination
11. Bloodscribe – Digression
12. Bloodscribe  – Cultivated by Resentment

“Cannons of Gore Soaked, Blood Drenched, Parasitic Sickness” is due out October 11th on Gore House Productions


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