ATOLL ‘Zoopocalypse’ Album Details Revealed

Arizona Slam-Dozers Atoll, is back with their third full length album, ‘Zoopocalypse’

“Your favorite desert rats are back to deliver up a greasy hot serving of tasty slams”, states Atoll collectively. “‘Zoopacalypse’ is a concept album about animals attacking humans with other ideology tossed in the mix. We’ve stepped our game up a bit production wise, and more members continue to add more new ideas to our sound. We’re excited for everybody to see what we have in store”.

‘Zoopocalypse’ offers 11 new tracks of Neck-breaking Death Metal. Drawing from a wide range of influences, ATOLL has spawned a diverse blend of groove driven brutality. As a strong follow-up to 2017’s ‘Fallout Frenzy’, it proves there is no slowing down in this Slamming Quintets’ horizon. Sonic maturity becomes noticeable track after track, and the musical diversity performed on this album, sets them apart from todays common death metal trends. This is one for the hard hitters!

Featuring album art by Andreas Christanetoff of Armaada ART (Acranius, Abominable Putridity, Devour the Unborn), ‘Zoopocalypse’ was produced by Atoll, and Mixed/Mastered by Demigod Recordings (Analepsy, Guttural Slug, Organectomy). Additionally, the album also includes guest appearance by Matti Way. Warning: this record may cause bleeding…from the butthole.

Track List:
1. Zoopocalypse
2. Ripped Apart By Test Tube Monkeys
3. Work Whorse
4. HIV(e) 5
5. Overgorged In-Gestation
6. Skinwalker
7. Krokodil Mile
8. Get Flocked
9. Polar Bear Affair
10. Skeet Sharks
11. Deepwater Blow-Up (Into Crypts Of Mantra Rays)

‘Zoopocalypse’ is set for release November 8th, on Gore House Productions

Andy Luffey – Drums
Cameron Broomfield – Bass
Christopher Nick – Guitar
Spencer Furguson – Guitar
Wade Taylor – Vocals


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