Adelaide, South Australia


Formed in 2010, Oath of Damnation are a four piece outfit hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. At times symphonic, at times progressive, Oath of Damnation deliver a high velocity battering ram of dark Death and Black Metal. Responsible for this punishment is the seven string savagery of Necromancer (Shadow Realm), the low end Bass tremors  and vocal lashings of Doomsayer (Shadow Realm, Beyond Mortal Dreams). the skin flaying drum beatings of Constantinos (Shadow
Realm), and the dark keys of Haemorrh (In The Burial, Juggermath).

Oath of Damnation has supported bands such as Dead Congregation from Greece, Archspire from Canada, Psycroptic from Australia, Impiety from Singapore, Moonsorrow from Finland, and more. The group has been steadily building a following through  their  many  live  onslaughts  and  is  currently working on the follow up to 2014’s “The Descent”

Oath of Damnation is:
Doomsayer – Bass/Vocals
Nekromancer – Guitar
Constantinos – Drums
Haemorrh – Keys



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