CEREBRAL ENGORGEMENT: New Album Details Revealed

Northern California Slam Machine, Cerebral Engorgement is back with their long awaited 5th studio album, ‘Cerebral Chronicles’.

“Cerebral Chronicles is my most ambitious album I’ve ever done”, states founder and sole member, Mike Simon. “After 5 years of writing and recording, I can finally bring something truly special for both new and old fans. This album is the last chapter of the continuing story since the beginning, and is a homage to all the albums Cerebral Engorgement has released. I worked really hard to make something different but yet true to what this bands sound has always been. It was one hell of a development process putting this album together to make a huge step up from the previous material. Be ready for some of the most brutal, sickening, and blasting slams Cerebral Engorgement has ever done!”

The highly anticipated follow up to the 2013 release, “Gastrointestinal Bleeding”. ‘Cerebral Chronicles’ delivers ten new slam infested tracks of menacing guttural brutality and blasting decimation; showcasing Cerebral Engorgement’s most menacing album to date.

The 26-minute Slam Avalanche features album art by Pedro Sena (Analepsy, Ingested, Putrid Pile), and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Simon in Tomales, CA between 2015-2018.
Track List:

  1. Voices of Corruption
  2. Abstract Defecation
  3. Succubus Reanimated
  4. When Everything Makes You Sick
  5. Always Watching
  6. Hallucinations Of The Dead
  7. Aetherial Control
  8. Endlessly Dying
  9. Inescapable Multiverse
  10. Gastrointestinal Riddles

Cerebral Chronicles will be available April 19th on Gore House Productions as CD, Vinyl, and DIGITAL.


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