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Demo Submissions

But before you send in your demo, please make sure you fit our expectations:
– Live Band
– Willing to Tour
– Active (Social Media, Etc.)

What to include:
– General Band Bio (history, experience, releases, etc.)
– Band Picture
– Contact Information
– Any press related to the band
– Social Media Links (we will NOT track you down)

Formats to send:
Preferably, you can send physical submissions to the  address below (nothing beats an old school presentation). We do however also accept digital submissions with the following links: Soundcloud (private links), Google Drive, or anything stream-able.

Lastly, make sure the material you are shopping around, isn’t already online somewhere. 

Gore House Productions currently enforces a “No Studio Band” policy so please note, your submission will likely be turned down if you are not a LIVE band.

Send to:
Gore House Productions
C/O Carlos Matt
PO Box 30826
Los Angeles, CA. 90030

Email To:

Do not contact us to follow up on your submission. If we are interested, we will contact you!

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