Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy Signs to Gore House Productions; Premieres “Knights of Slammin’ Service”

Gore House Productions is pleased to announce the signing of Indiana Slamming Sluggers, ENGUTTURALMENT CEPHALOSLAMECTOMY.

“We are incredibly stoked to finally have our first full length released this April through Gore House Productions”, states Guitarist/Vocalist Andrew Sutton. “We’ve put years of work into this release and we hope you enjoy what our effort has birthed; Guttural, Brutal, Slamming…but also Progressive, Dissonant and of course…RIDICULOUS.”

Formed in 2013, Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy (E.C.) came into fruition by a few friends on a road trip to see Disgorge and Broken Hope. The initial idea behind the band, was to create a ridiculous themed band with absurd song titles and dumb sound clips. Inspired by their favorite bands from the late 90’s/early 00’s, and the overflow of trend chasing bands, E.C. set a mission to show people what you could do with the Slam genre, when you brought back the heaviness.

Today, E.C. has premiered “Knights of Slammin’ Service”; The first single taken from their highly anticipated full length album, ‘Glam Not Slam’. Fans can listen to it, here: https://youtu.be/cP354rPYLY8

“Glam Not Slam” features cover art by Gruesome Graphx (Cattle Decapitation, Phalloplasty, Swine Overlord) & was Mixed & Mastered by TsunTsun Productions (Epicardiectomy, Kraanium, Traumatomy). E.C. also features current/past members of Visceral Throne, Rotted Rebirth, Cerebral Engorgement, Splattered, And Hell Followed With, and Aegaeon.


  1. Worthless Intro You Will Skip
  2. Knights In Slammin’ Service
  3. My Studies at the Slamming Brutal Death University
  4. Some Kisses
  5. 8.1.2. and Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)
  6. I Bless The Slams Down In Africa
  7. 10,000 Slam Thots (In One)
  8. Overnight (Slammin’ Brutal Death Metal) Sensation
  9. Pour Some Pitriffs On Me
  10. No Ghey Black Metal (Only Good Shit)

‘Glam Not Slam’ will be available April 24th on Gore House Productions as CD, Limited Cassette, and Digital

Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy is:
Andrew Sutton – Vocals & Guitar
Mike Simon – Drums
Nick Scott – Bass


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