ETERNAL REST: New Album Detail & Music Video Now Available

ETERNAL REST: New Album Detail & Music Video Now Available

Australian Death Metal Quartet, Eternal Rest is back with their 3rd full length album, “The Picture of Hatred”.

“The subject matter for The Picture of Hatred is still tackling the issues of mental health”, states Vocalist Shanon Davern. “Being written from the perspective of a person possessed by anger and misery, it forms the message of negativity breeding negativity. Having a negative outlook on life can paint an awful picture of the world around us in our daily lives. The artwork is a good example of this message. Sometimes having a long hard look in the mirror is what can really make you see who the true artist behind your picture is.”

Featuring album art by French Illustrator Remy Cooper (Katalepsy, Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel) “The Picture of Hatred” was produced by Eternal Rest in Brisbane, Australia, and was Mix/Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound (Bloodbath, Incantation, Pestilence) in Sweden.

Track List:
1. Sanctuary Alight
2. This Will All End In Violence 
3. Obscured Faith
4. The Will of Death 
5. Chained to Nothing
6. The Painted World 
7. The Picture of Hatred
8. Water Me Not
9. Walk with Me
10. Awaken, O Fury

“The Picture of Hatred” is due out June 7th on Gore House Productions

The first single, “Walk with Me”, is now available to stream, here:

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