FOETAL JUICE Built Drum Kit During Self-Quarantine; Release Innovative Drum-Playthrough Video For ‘Gluttony’

So, you’re scheduled to record a drum playthrough video for the title track of your forthcoming new album, but the whole country is on lockdown and you’re confined to your home. You have no way of getting to your kit! What do you do? Cancel and abort the video recording? Not if you’re Foetal Juice drummer Rob Harris…what you do is build a kit out of household items and carry on!

The rest of the band explained the situation: “We couldn’t have timed this any better. The time has come for our drummer Rob to do a drum through video of our latest song ‘Gluttony’ and the UK is under lockdown. With no way for Rob to get to a drum kit, he has decided to build one from the crap in his house. Cardboard cymbals, cushions as toms and a practice pad for a snare. I think he has given it a reasonable shot, all things considered.”

And that friends are the sort of pioneering spirit that will see us through this mess! Head to the Gore House Productions YouTube channel and see what one determined drummer can achieve with his household crap! We present…
‘Gluttony’ Drum Playthrough – the Quarantine Edition.

The new Foetal Juice full length album, Gluttony, will be landing on June 12th. Prepare to feast!

Robert Harris – Drums
Ryan Whittaker – Guitar
Derek Carley – Vocals
Lewis Bridges – Bass


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