FOETAL JUICE Premieres “Metamorphosis” via Rock ‘N” Load

Today FOETAL JUICE is proud to unveil the second single from their forthcoming album Gluttony, in association with Rock ‘N’ Load. Following in the wake of the rampaging title track comes ‘Metamorphosis’, an unstoppable bulldozer of a song that perfectly encapsulates the devastating power that Foetal Juice has harnessed on their latest release.

The band explain the message behind the riffs…
“Metamorphosis is about the mental transformation that any normal person can take if the right buttons are pressed. It’s basically a journey from normality into the kind of rage that makes people want to fight. It’s loosely based on the personal experience of being wound up by people’s greed and selfishness. This links in really well with all of the shit that is going on at the minute all over the world. Selfish bastards have been going into shops and buying up more essential items than they are able to use, leaving absolutely nothing for the more vulnerable and older people. ‘But that’s fine because we are alright’, kind of attitudes like that can really fuck up people in need. Especially in times like this when they need a bit of compassion.”

Enjoy ‘Metamorphosis’ and prepare yourself for the colossal impact of Gluttony on June 12th!

Head to Rock ‘N’ Load now to experience the sheer venomous, mutating power of ‘Metamorphosis’ – you’ll never be the same!

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