INSECT INSIDE Signs To Gore House Productions

Gore House Productions is happy to announce the signing of Russian Newcomers, INSECT INSIDE

“It is a great honor to announce that we signed an agreement with Gore House Productions – one of the best underground death metal labels of our time!”, states the band collectively. “We are in a wild anticipation of the moment when you can hear our first album The First Shining Of New Genus. This material combines all the best that we are known about slamming brutal death metal – technique riffs, grooves, nasty guttural/growl and a tight sound. This record features special vocal collaborations with Kevin Muller from The Merciless Concept , Roman Vlasenko from Abnormity and Kirill Nazarov from Decomposition Of Entrails. It was hard and long work and we are certainly glad that it will add to the list of releases of Gore House Productions for the coming year!”

Hailing from Chelyabinsk, INSECT INSIDE was formed in 2017. The act is no stranger to the Russian underground scene. The trio features current members of Traumatomy, Disfigurement of Flesh, Morphogenetic Malformation, and more; making them a solid mix of sonic brutality.

Keep your eyes out for a taste of their debut album, in the coming days.

Daniil Sementsov – Drums
Dmitry Borisyuk – Vocals
Kirill Meschersky – Guitars


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