KRAANIUM: Set To Reissue First Two Albums Via Gore House Productions

Gore House Productions is proud to announce, will be reissuing both KRAANIUM‘s ‘Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity’ and ‘The Art of Female Sodomy’ in the coming months.

“We are happy to finally re-release our first album that marked the birth of the Northern slamming brutality”, states Guitarist, Mats Funderud. “Its been sold out for a long time now so people have been eager to get their hands on it to discover or even rediscover the origin of what started this powerhouse of slam It definitely set the standard for today’s Kraanium, over a decade after this original release.”

October 23rd will see the reissue of the Slam Classic, ‘Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity’; Debut album by Oslo Based Slam Masters, KRAANIUM. Originally released in 2008, ‘Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity’ is once again available with brand new cover art by Andreas Christanetoff of Armaada Art (Atoll, Acranius, Abominable Putridity). It also includes 5 bonus tracks taken from their “Goresoaked Slamassacre” Split with Epicardiectomy and Dormant Carnivore. A “must own”, for any Slamming Death enthusiast.

We dedicate these reissues to the memory of Martin Funderud

While the physical version of the album will be available this coming October, the digital version will be available starting August 14th.

Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity Line Up:
Martin Funderud (Grindmaster Flesh – Vocals)
Mats Funderud (Hacksaw Henry – Guitar)
Vidar Ermesjø (Gore-Tex – Guitar)
Ian Slemming (Bass)
Jonas Dedekam (Johnny Jawless – Drums)


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