OATH OF DAMNATION Launches Comic Book Store Takeover Video

Comics and metal have been inextricably linked since Anthrax shared their love of 2000AD and Judge Dredd back in the mid-’80s. The vibrancy and imagination of the two art forms make them a perfect fit and Australian masters of darkness, Oath Of Damnation, are huge fans of comics and comic culture. In a new video, which gives a glimpse into the personal life of the bringers of Fury And Malevolence, Doomsayer, Pahl Hodgson, takes us on a tour of his local comic emporium, Greenlight Comics in Adelaide.

“Behold my geek-ish side!” Laughs Pahl. “Yes, recoil in horror and disgust as you discover that beneath this hellish exterior lurks a nerd. Well, at least slightly. When I’m not howling and growling on a regular basis, I like to fill my skull with graphic novelizations of sci-fi, horror, and high adventure!”.

Pahl shares Scott Ian of Anthrax’s love for the legendary UK comic 2000AD…

“Some of my fave comic book characters came from there” he reveals, “such as Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nemesis the Warlock, The A.B.C. Warriors, Rogue Trooper.”

To find out more about the Doomsayer’s love of comics head to Games, Brrraaains & A Head-banging Life where the new video is exclusively available.

Click here to watch or watch the clip now on the Gore House Productions YouTube channel

Meanwhile, the praise and adulation continue to roll in for the new Oath Of Damnation album, Fury And Malevolence.

“…discover this right away for some top quality blackened death metal goodness! ” – METAL PURGATORY MEDIA 9.5/10

“…convinces us again and again with their handsome mix of black metal and death metal.” – MUSIKA 92/100

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