PARTY CANNON: “Electric Soldier Porygon” Drum Playthrough

Scottish Slammers, PARTY CANNON, has premiered a Drum Playthrough video for their latest single, “Electric Soldier Porygon”. The clip can be viewed now, via Metal Drummer Nerdz Worldwide.

“Nothing too flashy”, states Drummer Martin Gazur. “It’s quite bass heavy that song, and there was definitely an inspiration from Porygon to it. To make it fast and relentless almost. It was quite challenging due to the speed of it (240 BPM). I hope the listeners will enjoy the new tracks, as much as we enjoyed making them”.

Check out Martin’s drum playthough, here:

Gazur uses:
– Maple PDP M5 Kit
– Gibraltar Rack -Evan Drum Heads (G2 Clear)
– Sabian Aax Cymbals
– Speed Cobra Pedals
– Roland TM2 Module
– Roland RT-10K Kick Drum Triggers
– Vic Firth Drumsticks

“Electric Soldier Porygon” is taken off the forthcoming split album, “Cannons of Gore Soaked, Blood Drenched, Parasitic Sickness”, and is due out October 11th.

1. Parasitic Ejaculation – Pooling Wretched Stagnation
2. Parasitic Ejaculation – Amalgamating Beings of Deformity
3. Parasitic Ejaculation – Grande Coffee with a Smegma Toast
4. Party Cannon – Tactical Chunder
5. Party Cannon – Naked Beach Frenzy
6. Party Cannon – Electric Soldier Porygon
7. Gorevent – BxTxS
8. Gorevent – Time of Explosion
9. Gorevent – Meat Bullet Yamato
10. Bloodscribe – Indoctrination
11. Bloodscribe – Digression
12. Bloodscribe – Cultivated by Resentment

“Cannons of Gore Soaked…” also features PARASITIC EJACULATION, GOREVENT, and BLOODSCRIBE.

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