Evansville, IN, USA


Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy was formed in 2013 by a few friends on a road trip to see Disgorge and Broken Hope. The initial idea behind the band was to create a ridiculous themed band with absurd song titles and dumb sound clips. It was noticed how low the bar was in the Slam scene to what people thought was brilliant. Andrew & Jacob wanted to bring back the heaviness of some of our favorite bands from the late 90’s and early 00’s. They wanted to show people what you could do with the slam genre. The group, based in Evansville, Indiana, was comprised of Andrew Sutton on drums/guitar/bass and Jacob McBride on Vocals. The band then wrote what would come to be our first release, “8.1.2.”. The EP was tracked at Kill Co Audio in Evansville, IN. Self-Released, 8.1.2. was pressed on CD, Cassette and Digitally in 2014. It was released to both fan and critical acclaim. It quickly sold out of all formats.

The band played a few local shows as well as an appearance at the Las Vegas Deathfest VI and Chicago Domination IV. It was then time for the band to start writing for their next release, a full-length album. For this release, the band decided it was time to bring in a more talented and diverse drummer. Enter Mike Simon (Cerebral Engorgement, Splattered) on the drum kit. Also, a monster of a musician, Nick Scott (Aegaeon, And Hell Followed With, Ex-Rotted Rebirth) on bass. As well as founding member Andrew Sutton (Visceral Throne, ex-Rotted Rebirth) on Vocals and Guitar. The album was plagued with issues, during the recording process, including a bass player who came and went, a studio engineer who quit during the mixing process and “8.1.2.” vocalist, Jacob McBride left the group. The band persevered though and with the help of TsunTsun Productions, the album was mixed and mastered brilliantly and masterfully. The band also signed with US label Gore House Productions for a two-album deal. The album, a play on the phrase “Slam Not Glam”, is entitled “Glam Not Slam”. The album keeps true to the original theme and vision of a couple of guys on a roadtrip to Ohio. But also brings some new elements that keep it fresh and exciting.

Current Line Up:
Andrew Sutton – Vocals & Guitar
Mike Simon – Drums
Nick Scott – Bass


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