ENGUTTURALMENT CEPHALOSLAMECTOMY Premiere “8.1.2 And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)”

Six years on from their world-renowned EP, 8.1.2., the Indiana trio have returned with another breathtakingly beautiful blend of sick slams and heartwarming humor, in the form of their debut full-length album, ‘Glam Not Slam’. On April 24th Gore House Productions will light the fuse and stand well back, detonating this explosive collection of brutal masterpieces.

Today, ENGUTTURALMENT CEPHALOSLAMECTOMY has premiered “8.1.2 And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)”; the second single off the highly anticipated sophomore album.

“‘8.1.2. and Life…’ is very representative of the ‘Glam Not Slam’ album”, states Guitarist/Vocalist Andrew Sutton. “Lots of tempo changes, intricate slams, fast riffing, and a great flow, to the song ending the track in a monumentally heavy riff at the end. We hope you enjoy the track as much as we did making it.”

Listen to “8.1.2 and Life” at the Gore House Productions YouTube channel, here: https://youtu.be/f5K8Dn1Ma_4

‘Glam Not Slam’ will be available as CD, Limited Cassette, and Digital and can be pre-ordered here


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