FOETAL JUICE Announce ‘Gluttony’ Album Details; Premieres title track via No Clean Singing

Today the UK’s lords of extremity present the video for the first single and title track of their forthcoming new album, ‘Gluttony‘. Following up on their devastating 2016 album, Masters Of Absurdity was never going to be an easy task for Foetal Juice, but early indications are that they’ve smashed through that glass ceiling in savage style. The suitably gore smeared visual feast of ‘Gluttony’ is available to watch exclusively at No Clean Singing, here: https://www.nocleansinging.com/2020/03/25/an-ncs-video-premiere-foetal-juice-gluttony

The band themselves offered up a few insights to what we can all expect from Gluttony the album…and that gruesome video!

“With the new album, we feel as fans of Death Metal that it’s progressed to new strengths. As a whole, it’s a lot faster, heavier and much more aggressive, both musically and lyrically, than anything we have previously written. We have taken influence from all extreme genres, whilst still keeping every song within the groove of Foetal Juice.
The single we are releasing – ‘Gluttony’ – is a good representation of the album as a whole. It has a mixture of Death Metal, Grind, and Black Metal elements, that we use throughout the album. Lyrically this is about us and the rest of society being spoilt, greedy, selfish, and not worrying about the gluttonous consequences that come with it.
We dramatised the idea of Gluttony into a comical horror film, but the general idea is still the same. The kebab in our video is the Holy Grail, and even when consumed, the people want a portion after being teased by the dangling strips of flesh.”

Head straight to No Clean Singing to feast on those ‘dangling strips of flesh’!

Featuring album art by Roberto Toderico (Vomitory, Asphyx, Sinister), Gluttony was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Fielding at Foel Studios (Conan, Napalm Death, Winterfylleth, etc.). Prepare to feast!


  1. Take Your Face For A Shit
  2. Septic Mollusc
  3. Manifestation of Falsity
  4. Metamorphosis
  5. Venomous Domination
  6. Worthless Delusion
  7. Trepidation
  8. Nether Pandemonium
  9. Antagonistic Bastard
  10. Carnage
  11. Gluttony
  12. Spirit Leech

The new Foetal Juice full length album, Gluttony, will be landing on June 12th. Prepare to feast!

Robert Harris – Drums
Ryan Whittaker – Guitar
Derek Carley – Vocals
Lewis Bridges – Bass


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