LITHOPAEDION Announce New Line Up; Release “Chernobyl Geist”

“Lithopaedion has returned from indefinite hiatus with a new lineup and a look at what psychedelic tech death has in store.”

Original drummer Justin Salazar is now joined by longtime bandmate Carlos Apodaca on guitar and newcomer Christian Dern on vocals. The Albuquerque-based Trio has gone straight to work on what will be their debut full-length album.

“Chernobyl Geist” is the first track recorded with this new line up; demoing the bands’ Psychedelic-Tech Death progression.

Listen to “Chernobyl Geist” now, on the Gore House Productions YouTube Channel, here:

The demo is also available for free download, via the Gore House Productions Bandcamp page

Line Up:
Justin Salazar – Drums
Carlos Apodaca – Guitar / Bass
Christian Dern – Vocals


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