OATH OF DAMNATION Release “I Curse Thee, O Lord!” Guitar Playthrough

As the release of their second album, Fury And Malevolence draws ever closer, the band have unveiled a guitar playthrough video for the album’s first single, ‘I Curse Thee O Lord’. The single was premiered with No Clean Singing earlier this month, with the respected ‘zine declaring it to be “an eye-popping thrill ride, both eerily majestic and utterly hellish, both atmospheric and barbaric”. Now fans can watch as guitarist Nekromancer reveals the seven string sorcery that lies behind this explosive track.

The video is available to watch now at the Gore House Productions YouTube channel, here: https://youtu.be/L8gIVLD8gL8

The ‘Fury And Malevolence’ album will be unleashed on March 13th through Gore House Productions and it promises to be one of the extreme metal highlights of 2020. Featuring the magnificent artwork of Jenglot Hitam (Impiety, Sabbat, Abigail etc) and blessed with an absolutely skullcrushing sound thanks to the recording, mixing and mastering skills of Andy Kite (Mournful Congregation, Voros, Hidden Intent etc) Fury And Malevolence is stunning in every aspect.

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