Oath of Damnation Release “The Abortuary” Drum Playthrough

Today we have another taste of the hell to be unleashed by Oath Of Damnation on March 13th…

Last week the band unveiled their second single from forthcoming album Fury And Malevolence. ‘The Abortuary’ is a crushing track which combines accomplished song writing with speed, complexity and skull-shattering heaviness. Now the band present a drum playthrough video to accompany that bestial track, revealing the skills and technique of drummer Constantinos, the man who supplies the heavy artillery barrage that drives the Oath Of Damnation war machine.

Speaking to us about ‘The Abortuary’ and his drum parts Constantinos said:
“The song ‘The Abortuary’ is actually one of the slowest songs on the album but one of my favourites due to the composition. I feel it leans more towards death metal but still has the black metal element in there. The bridge and guitar solo section are definitely more black metal. There are many time signature changes. Just the opening goes from 2 bars of 6/4, 1 bar of 4/4, 1 bar of 5/4, 1 bar of 7/4, 1 bar of 10/4 to 2 bars of 6/4 and 4 bars of 7/4, and that is just the first 19 seconds of the song! I also use quintuplets in the bridge – I have used quintuplets sparingly since the mid-1990s but that is something I want to bring more into my extreme drumming. Check it out.”

Watch Constatinos destroy ‘The Abortuary’ here:

Constantinos uses;
• Tama Superstar kit with Evan Heads
• 22 inch Kick Drum
• Toms – 8, 10, 12 and 16 inch floor tom
• Snare – Pearl – 13 Inch wooden piccolo with Evans Hybrid head
• Zildjian HI hats –both mounted and on stand
• Sabian Crashes – 18 inch AAX, 18 inch XSR, 16 Inch HHX
• China – 21 Inch Sabian AAX (my Favourite China)
• Ride – Paiste Sound Formula
• Splashes – Meinl and Zildjian
• Pedals – Axis Longboards

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