PARASITIC EJACULATION: “Grande Coffee With A Smegma Toast” Premiere

The 4th and final single off the forthcoming ‘Cannons of Gore…” split is finally here!

Parasitic Ejaculation has premiered their track “Grande Coffee with a Smegma Toast”, and its a banger. The split, which also includes PARTY CANNON, GOREVENT, and BLOODSCRIBE, is the first PARASITIC EJACULATION recording, featuring Jeremy Scott (LOGISTIC SLAUGHTER), on vocals. Scotts vocal performance compliments PARASITIC EJACULATION’s style perfectly. We ask you give this track several listens, to fully appreciate Jeremy’s contribution.

Listen to it here: 👇👇👇

Pre-order the album now on iTunes and receive all four singles, immediately:

Featuring album art by Andreas Christanetoff of Armaada ART (Acranius, Abominable Putridity, Atoll), “Cannons of Gore…” brings you twelve brand-spanking new tracks of headbanging, fist-throwing, circle pitting, heaviness, from around the world.

1. Parasitic Ejaculation – Pooling Wretched Stagnation
2. Parasitic Ejaculation – Amalgamating Beings of Deformity
3. Parasitic Ejaculation – Grande Coffee with a Smegma Toast
4. Party Cannon – Tactical Chunder
5. Party Cannon – Naked Beach Frenzy
6. Party Cannon – Electric Soldier Porygon
7. Gorevent – BxTxS
8. Gorevent – Time of Explosion
9. Gorevent – Meat Bullet Yamato
10. Bloodscribe – Indoctrination
11. Bloodscribe – Digression
12. Bloodscribe – Cultivated by Resentment

“Cannons of Gore Soaked, Blood Drenched, Parasitic Sickness” is due out October 11th on Gore House Productions


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